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About Us

Secure Channel Solutions provide services with
a goal to deliver the best and quality services,
secure IT solutions especially in electronic
payment and networking services.

Founded by experienced industry participants who
have many years of market
R & D experiences . . .

EMV Payment Cards


EMV Payment Cards

Working with global leading brands to develop secure Payment solutions for banks
by providing EMV payment

EMV Payment Cards


Network Cabinet

We are providing an industry standard server & network
Equipment storage solutions for data center, computer …

EMV Payment Cards


Network Solutions

More Faster communication, increase data transfer speed,
Security improvement, Easy to modify …

EMV Payment Cards


Payment & Financial Solutions

Supporting fully integrated financial solutions that enable
Secure transformation in financial services …

Enabling organization to offer trusted and
conrenient digital services to billions:

Digital Security Software and Devices for

Machine to Machine
Financial Services
Identity & Access

For more information
download our brouchure!

One of our core business is to support development in networking services
which we configure and embed in multiple products. Our channel solutions providing
all the mentioned products and services which are secure,
reliable and cost – effective networking solutions.

Our Clients are never wrong!