EMV Payment card solutions


Products we offer for your job more secure and easier :

EMV Cards


Working with global leading brands to develop payment solution for banks by providing EMV payment cards with its own JAVA card, VSDC, MCHIP, PBOC and so on.
Also tailored made card designs according to meet customer requirements nationwide.

ID Cards


Our Smart card solution can be used for ID cards, such as citizen cards, employee cards, student cards etc..together with our application, the ID cards can be used for security management, attendance management, payment for bank in – house services etc. SCS support your employee smart card with secure data storage and security concern of your organization for your HR solution smoothly and smart daily working



Smart cards are used worldwide in transportation applications, with millions of smart cards in use for both transit fare payment and parking fee payment. Our Smart card solution can be also used in transportation industry such as Electronic Toll Collection (ETC), payment cards for train and bus etc…

Financial Industry


Our smart card solution has been used for banks for their credit card, debit cards etc..It is also used by the third party payment operators when they issue their own payment cards.