Payment and Financial Solutions

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SmartPersoWare is a powerful EMV chip card personalization software which software quick support any brand of personalization machines. This software is capable of supporting any brands of chip cards from any vendor. We have developed a universal chip card interface to support multi card types under Java GP, Native and Multos platforms.

  1. Tailored Information Platform
  2. Package to solve Complex Problem
  3. Feasible options for low-cost inputs

Core Banking

We provide Core Banking solution which is a banking service provide by a group of network bank branches where customers may access their bank account and perform basic transaction from any of the member branch offices.

Financial Solutions

Supporting fully integrated financial solutions that enable secure transformation in financial services for banks, stock trading, insurance companies and financial institutions. Financial solution is a strategic business unit of Secure Channel Solutions which dedicated to providing business application solutions to financial institutions and to provide best of breed solutions that will drive growth, reduce costs, mitigate risk and offer a faster speed to market for our clients.

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